Edge-Banding Tapes

ABS Edge-Banding Tapes

When designing modern furniture, one can achieve a perfect appearance by selecting a suitable ABS edge-banding tape. The Blažič collection encompasses a wide selection of originally developed ABS edge-banding tapes from all renowned producers of quality particleboards. The collection contains a wide assortment of various solid colour, wood grain designs and abstract patterns, high gloss finishes, super matte finishes and designs resembling a real aluminium finish. ABS edge-banding tapes are available in various surface structures, including imitations of solid wood, roughly sawn wood and end grain as well as textiles, leather and stone. With a wide range of over 850 ABS designs with various thicknesses and widths, ABS tapes from the Blažič collection can meet any customer’s requirements. 

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ACRYLIC 3D Edge-Banding Tapes

Their innovative and impressive 3D appearance can undoubtedly increase the value of any furniture. ACRYLIC edge-banding tapes, also known as 3D edge-banding tapes, are available in stock with thickness of 1 mm and 2 mm in various combinations of the colour of aluminium and solid colour shades. The ACRYLIC edge-banding tapes are also available to order in other solid colour and wood grain designs and imitations of end grain.

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Laser Edge-Banding Tapes

Laser edge-banding tapes are a new generation of tapes with a useful layer applied on the back side of the edge-banding tape intended for laser edge banding as well as hot air or other technologies without using hot glue. The advantages of the laser edge-banding tapes are the concealed adhesive bond, the strong bond with high temperature resistance and high moisture resistance. AirMelt and LaserMelt laser edge-banding tapes from our own production are available in all types of edge-banding tapes from the Blažič collection, ABS and melamine edge-banding tapes and edge veneers. 

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PP Edge-Banding Tapes

PP (polypropylene) edge-banding tapes are also a new generation of edge-banding tapes, and due to their extreme bendability they are suitable for edge banding curvatures on BAZ processing centres, edge banding of grooves on door leaves as well as softforming and wrapping of MDF profiles. PP edge-banding tapes with a thickness from 0.38 mm to 2 mm are available to order in solid colour and wood grain designs.

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Edge-banding Veneer and Wrapping Veneer

Blažič edge-banding tapes made of veneer have been on the market for over 25 years, convincing customers with their quality and technological solutions. From our own production at the FURWA company in Walkershofen, Germany, we offer a wide range of edge-banding tapes made of veneer from more than 150 types of wood, from local and foreign tree species, as well as fine-line veneers of various thicknesses and widths, supplied in rolls or in strips, with a coat of hot-melt adhesive or without, paper-backed, ground and upon request also brushed and lacquered. When making edge-banding tapes made of veneer for wrapping, we use only the most quality veneer, and we also listen to your individual wishes and needs.

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Melamine Edge-Banding Tapes

Melamine edge-banding tapes are single-layer or multi-layer edge-banding tapes available in rolls. The base for melamine edge-banding tapes is a special paper, printed in a solid colour, wood grain designs or abstract-pattern designs, impregnated with duroplastic resins. Environmentally friendly coatings ranging from matte to high gloss ensure the exceptional quality of the surface. Edge-banding tapes are available with various structures of surface finishes that guarantee a completely natural appearance of the tape. The tapes are also available in various levels of quality, for edge banding of straight-line edges, softforming as well as for edge banding of grooves on door leaves.

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Edge-Banding Tapes for Painting

For furniture manufacturers, we offer edge-banding tapes for painting intended for edge banding and subsequent varnishing. In our offer, we have melamine and ABS edge-banding tapes for painting and dedicated edge-banding tape for painting, PP-Wood. Edge-banding tapes for painting are available in various thicknesses and widths and are intended for lacquering with PUR as well as water-based lacquers.

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Self-Adhesive Edge-Banding Tapes

The self-adhesive tapes are intended for decorating furniture elements, interior doors, kitchen plinths, plinth panels, joints and similar. The self-adhesive tapes are protected with a translucent protective foil that prevents damage to the tape’s surface. On the back side of the self-adhesive tape is a two-sided self-adhesive strip that ensures quality adhesion. Available in stock are self-adhesive pre-cut tapes that can be supplied upon request in various widths as well as self-adhesive tapes of finite widths.

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Decorative Furniture Profiles

Furniture profiles of various shapes and designs are used when making furniture, tables, arcade and table-top games and everywhere on furniture with curvatures and bends. The profiles are made from a flexible PVC material that enables simple bending. The profiles are available to order in solid colours, wood grain designs and metal colours.

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Igor Lebar

Head of Edge Bandings Programme
+386 1 519 92 60

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