Top-quality Offerings though Renowned Partners

Our mission is to follow the developments and trends in the global markets, bringing them closer to our customers. We collaborate with more than 70 suppliers from 17, mostly European countries. Extensive attention is devoted to quality and tradition as we represent the regognized and well-respected brands. For many years, we have been successfully working as a general sales representative for the folowing partners.

Edge banding tapes


A leading German manufacturer of paper edge-banding tapes, erapping foils and CLP laminates.

Furniture hardware, handles


One of the leading producers of clip hingers drawer slides supplying furniture manufacturers. In term of their construction solutions as well as innovative concepts and designs, the company is ranked among top companies from the industry woldwide.

LEHMANN, Germany

The family company of Lehmann, with headquarters in the German town of Minden, was founded in 1962. Lehmann is a leading manufacturer of cylinder locks used for office furniture, as well as electronic locks.

OPES, Italy

Founded in 1980 is one of the main Italian kitchen and furniture accessories company.


The Greek manufacturer has more than 50 years of standing tradition in creating top- qulitiy producys for kitchen use, i.e. anything from sinks and taps to household appliances. Today, their products are available in more than 50 countries.

ÇEBI A.S., Turkey

Cebi A.S. is a leading Turkish manufacturer, which has been operating since 1973. The company is known primarily for producing furniture industry accessories such as handles, hangers, bases etc. 

DTC, China

Has outstanding advantages in the technologically advanced production process. Hardware production is carried out in three factories. They offer high quality products such as slides, hidden slides for drawers with metal slides and small metal hardware for the furniture industry etc.

Camar, Italy

Camar is a world leader in the design and production of technical fittings for the furniture industry. The company was established in 1960 and is located in the centre of Bianza.

TOJO, Serbia

Was established in 1993. Apart from standard assortment of carpentry and furniture hardware products, they do their best to fulfill their partners’ specific requests. 


Is a leading company in the hardware business, building up a reliable and meaninful experience in the manufacturing and selling of sliding system for furniture and doors.

STARAX, Turkey

STARAX has been established in 1996 to serve in kitchen and furniture accessories sector. Till today, every year Starax renew itself and improved products, workpower and capacity.

Group MAKITA, Japan

The Makita Group is ranked among the most experienced and reputable manufacturers of tools designed for professionals around the globe. Exceptional quality, robustness, ergonomic design and long service life are the generally known features of Makita products.

BOHR, Österreich

Bohr is an Österreicher company established in 1969 with headquarters in Burgenland. For more than 45 years, the name stands for drilling the development and production of innovative and high-quality abrasive solutions.

VIBO, Italy

Specialized italian producer of wire baskets, lager units and accessories for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes. Their products are known to be functional and stable.



Sensio is a company with wide assortment of furniture lighting. Their focus is mainly on high quality energy efficient furniture lights which can be mounted into kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Coating programme

ADLER, Austria

Their tradition dates back to 1934. Adler is No. 1 company among Austrian manufacturers of lacquers, paints and lyes.

FSG, Germany

FSG products have a very wide scope, both in household as well as the furniture industry.


Henkel, Germany

Is one of the wold's innovative manufacturers of adhesives for the furniture industy.

Surface material


One of the largest flat-surface material manufacturers from Germany, wit products used in furniture industry and the Wodego and Duropal companies functioning under its wing.

WODEGO, Germany

With its range comprising of more than 250 decorative particle boarders in 13 types of surface tretment, the company is one of the leading flat-surface material manufacturers.

DUROPAL, Germany

They are recognized for kitchen worktops and additional materials, melamine boards (laminated panels), compact boards, window sills, etc. All their products match Wodego decorative range.

DEKODUR, Germany

Is a leading German manufacturer of laminates (laminated panels) with aluminium, cooper, inox ar any other type of surface.


The leading French manufacturer products (laminated panels) with the surface made of authentic plywood and covered in melamine coating.


This is a multinational company with offices located on every continent. Their products enable Blažič, robni trakovi, d.o.o. to provide its customers with compact boards for outdoor installation as well as laminated (laminated boards) with a coloured one.

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